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So that everyone can feel safe and secure when they fly from Sønderborg Airport, we carry out a 100% security check. This means that both checked-in baggage and hand baggage belonging to you and your fellow passengers will be inspected for objects which could create potential danger during the flight. We monitor baggage in accordance with the security regulations from Statens Luftfartsvæsen (Denmark’s Civil Aviation Authority).

Please always follow the instructions from security personnel - remember that they are working for everyone’s safety.

Procedure during security check

  • Show your air ticket to security personnel
  • Liquids in hand baggage may only be carried in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml, which must be kept inside a see-through, resealable 1-litre plastic bag. Place the plastic bag in one of the baggage trays, to go through the scanner.
  • Laptop computers, tablets, cameras or other electronic items must be removed from your bag and placed in one of the trays.
  • You must remove all coats and jackets, and empty your pockets of keys, cellphones, coins etc, and place everything in one of the trays. Please also remove your belt if you are wearing one.
  • After your baggage and items have gone through the scanner, you will walk through the metal detector frame. You may also then be subject to a manual inspection by a member of security staff.


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