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Book tickets 60 days in advance and save money!

For most departures Sonderborg-Copenhagen or Copenhagen-Sonderborg it is possible to book tickets at a price of DKK 399,-, if you book your tickets 60 days in advance of departure at a minimum.

In Copenhagen there are many Low-Cost-Airlines where it is possible to book tickets for trips abroad. If you use the route Sonderborg-Copenhagen as a connecting route, the total price of your trip may be very cheap.

Calculate the price and find out how cheap you can travel the world from Copenhagen.

The offer is available from week 27, and there will be a test period until the end of 2016.

Book your tickets here: Alsie Express.

Sonderborg Airport has Interline agreements with KLM, SAS, Finnair, Qatar, Air Greenland and DAT (Rønne) from 1 June.

When you check in at Sonderborg Airport, your luggage will automatically be checked in for the final destination of your trip.


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