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Book tickets from SAS

From now on, it will be easier to fly from Sønderborg via Copenhagen out into the world. We have finally managed to secure a complete Interline agreement with SAS. This means that you will only need one ticket and will be able to book your entire trip from Sønderborg right through to your final destination at the SAS website or directly from the travel agencies. Naturally, this also applies to your return ticket.

In the future, when you arrive at the check-in at Sønderborg Airport, your baggage will be checked in for your final destination and you will receive a boarding card that shows your seat during your flight to Copenhagen and out into the world.

What is Interline?  Interline is an agreement between two airlines. The agreement means that the companies accept each other’s tickets, cooperate on determination of the total price, baggage check-through, mutual help in case of interruptions, etc.